ProViu® 360 2nd Gen

2nd generation surround view digital 360º camera system.

  • HD resolution automotive cameras with full surround view
  • Dynamic 3D views & overlays at 30 fps 
  • CAN-Bus and other GPIOs 
  • Simplified calibration process 
  • Flexible software tool chain for customization

ProViu® 2nd Gen Videos

ProViu® Overview

ProViu® for Harvesters

ProViu® for Excavators

ProViu® for City Bus

ProViu® for Motor Coach

ProViu® for Garbage Trucks

ProViu® for RVs

Wireless cameras

Perfect for small & medium truck, agricultural, construction, and telehandler/forklift applications.

  • Simple installation and setup
  • Up to 120° view angle
  • LEDs for IR night vision
  • Single-view or quad-view monitors
  • Three wireless camera options

AHD Cameras

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Turn Assist

Safer turns in complex situations

  • Automatically intervenes when right turn conditions are unsafe
  • Stops vehicle to prevent collisions with cyclists, pedestrians, other obstacles
  • Provides acoustic and visual warnings
  • 77 GHz radar for higher resolution and accuracy
  • Compact form for OE or retrofit installation

Turn Assist Videos

Turn Assist for Agriculture Vehicles

Turn Assist for Commercial Vehicles

Turn Assist

CAN Radio Platform

Digital Radio Receivers with integration via CAN J1939

  • Internal or external Bluetooth microphone for hands-free calling
  • Non-volatile memory for setting and radio presets
  • USB, Auxiliary, and Mix Audio Inputs
  • Single DIN / Short Chassis with ISO 104787 connector
  • Continental CAN Protocol provided with order

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