The Rein Automotive Transmission Service Kit solves a common valve body conductor plate failure issue on a wide variety of vehicle makes and models.

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Rein Automotive Transmission Service Kit

Rein Automotive Transmission Service Kits Address Common Valve Body Conductor Plate Failure

– Kits contain everything needed for service including new OEM valve body conductor plate, oil pan gasket, suction filter

Cranbury, NJ… CRP Automotive (, a leading source of OE-quality replacement and service parts, offers a new transmission service kit from Rein Automotive that addresses a common valve body conductor plate failure issue on a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. The Rein Transmission Service Kit (P/N TSK0023) was developed to include all the necessary components to complete the service with a single part number, and all the components meet OE fit, form, and function to ensure trouble-free service.

The Rein Transmission Service Kit provides application coverage for Mercedes-Benz models from 1996-2018 that feature 722.6 transmissions. Coverage also extends to Chrysler, Dodge, Freightliner, Jaguar, Jeep, and Maybach models from 1998-2018. Coverage provided by the Rein Transmission Service Kit exceeds 1.4 million VIO in the United States and Canada.

The kit, which was created by CRP Automotive in collaboration with industry professionals, was developed to address the common issue of automatic transmission fluid leaking through the harness plug. The leaking fluid travels to the conductor plate and causes improper function of the plate or the transmission’s ECU.

The Rein Transmission Service kit includes everything needed to complete the service including a new OEM valve body conductor plate, oil pan gasket, suction filter, harness plug sleeve, dipstick tube cover locking pin and O-ring, and drain plug washer.

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Rein Automotive offers a wide range of OE-quality automotive replacement parts for import vehicle applications, from motor mounts to hose assemblies and just about everything in-between. Rein programs include AC parts, an antivibration program, an expanded hose program including power steering hoses and a master cooling program inclusive of coolant hoses, water pumps and kits, coolant expansion tanks, thermostats and thermostat assemblies along with caps and sensors. The Rein Automotive name stands for consistent and reliable quality. Only high-quality parts wear the Rein Automotive name, whether for European or Asian vehicles.

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